Super Host Welcome Bundle | 6 gift bags

Super Host Welcome Bundle | 6 gift bags


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Introducing our exclusive "Superhost Welcome Kit," specifically curated for Airbnb hosts who strive to create unforgettable experiences for their guests. This thoughtfully designed kit includes 6 beautifully crafted gift bags, each for one week of summer renters, allowing you to consistently impress and delight your guests.

The gift bags feature an exquisite design of Martha's Vineyard island map. The marine tones of navy, blue, and off white evoke a sense of coastal elegance, perfectly complementing the island's charm. 

On one side of the welcome flag, guests will be greeted with a warm "Welcome to Martha's Vineyard" message, while the other side encourages them to share their experience and leave a review for their gracious host.

Inside each bag, your guests will discover delightful surprises that capture the essence of Martha's Vineyard. Indulge their taste buds with "The Vineyard Bar," a delectable chocolate treat that combines the finest ingredients to create a moment of pure bliss.  MV sea salt travel package, adding a touch of local flavor to their culinary adventures. For a refreshing morning pick-me-up, East to West Coffee provides a premium blend. To sweeten their stay, we've included a jar of local honey, a golden delight that showcases the island's natural bounty.

By offering thoughtful surprise to your guests, you'll elevate their experience and make your rental property stand out among the rest. 

Purchasing in bulk allows you to save time and money and conveniently receive the entire kit at once, and all you or your cleaning crew need to do is leave one gift bag out for each new set of guests. It's a hassle-free way to create a lasting impression and encourage positive reviews from your delighted visitors.

With our "Superhost Welcome Kit," you can enhance your guests' stay and showcase the warmth of Martha's Vineyard hospitality. Be the host that leaves a lasting impression, and let our thoughtfully curated gifts elevate your rental experience to new heights.

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