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Welcome to our welcome gifts section which offers you welcome gifts for house guests and colleagues.

We realize that in the current world where it is getting increasingly easy to buy anything, anywhere, it has become more difficult than ever to find genuinely unique products that make gifts unforgettable for guests. It can be overwhelming, especially when choosing the right welcome gifts for guests, gift box, ribbons, a suitable theme to go with the box, and when to deliver the gift.

At Martha’s Vineyard Baskets, we think that gift-giving should be simple, creatively led, straightforward, and make an impression. Because we care, we do everything from finding unique and special items to packaging them and delivering them directly to your recipients. Whether you're looking for unique, expertly designed, essential, thoughtful, or memorable, we have the perfect gifts to welcome your event guests, clients, employees, or your loved ones!

You can also order welcome back gifts for people who are returning to work after a long vacation or recovery period. Employee welcome gifts are available if you’re hiring new employees to your team and want to make them feel appreciated since day one. Let Martha’s Vineyard Baskets be your one-stop shop for custom guest presents that your guest will love, remember, and actually keep!

Our gift items are well-thought-out by our team of experts and professionally packaged to eliminate the stress of coming up with a unique and essential gift idea to welcome guests on your own. With Martha’s Vineyard Baskets, we’re sure you will soon start feeling the sense of pride our customers all share in using our outstanding gifting services. You can ensure giving your guest the best gift ever, every time.

Ready to work with us to create just the right gift for your guests? We promise the perfect gift. We believe you will enjoy your shopping with us!

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