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Euphoria Gift Box | Gift for Her


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Introducing "Euphoria," a meticulously crafted and luxurious wooden box designed to ignite a sense of bliss and euphoria in its recipient. 
Inside this enchanting gift box, you will discover a treasure trove of indulgent delights that will transport you to a realm of pure joy and serenity.
Unleash the divine essence with the Bathorium bath bomb, an opulent creation that embodies the spirit of euphoria. As this larger-than-life bomb dissolves in the water, warm vanilla, roasted chocolate absolute, and wild Bulgarian rose cascade throughout the tub, creating an aromatic symphony that indulges the senses.  Immerse yourself in the rich properties of Himalayan, Dead Sea, and Epsom salts with the Soak Bath Co. botanical bath soak, allowing their healing touch to soothe your body and restore your spirit. 
Relax with Little Man Lilac Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask, an exquisite accessory designed to transport you to the realm of tranquility and restfulness. Crafted with relaxation and rejuvenation in mind, the front of the sleep mask is made from 100% cotton, while the back features a sumptuously soft cream-colored minky fabric. 

To complete this relaxation, spa journey, adorn yourself with the exquisite MV Native wampum bracelet and teardrop earrings crafted by Tracy Leigh Adams. The MV Native bracelet features authentic wampum intricately shaped into the outline of Martha's Vineyard, delicately suspended on a silver chain. The teardrop earrings, also made from authentic wampum, radiate elegance and grace. These stunning pieces showcase the beauty of natural materials and the artistry of Tracy Leigh Adams, adding a touch of coastal allure to your ensemble.
"Euphoria" is more than just a gift box—it's an extraordinary experience crafted to inspire euphoria, awaken the senses, and embrace the beauty of the moment. With "Euphoria," you gift a journey of pure bliss, self-expression, and radiant euphoria.

The wooden box is beautifully decorated with burlap ribbon, a complimentary handwritten note card, and a piece of decorative greenery. 
It can be used as storage or decoration after your loved one unpacks all items.  
*We source our products from small business makers and local artisans across the country and as a result, certain items can become unavailable on rare occasion. We reserve the right to substitute an item of the same type, of equal or greater value, and as close to your original item as possible.